Ready Meals

A ready meal is a sterilised product, that is – outside cooling! –  preservable for 12 months! One ready meal contains 2 portions of 200 grams each. The taste is good and the nutritional value is high. Unique is the fact that it is ready to eat without heating. It is possible to heat it, but certainly not necessary for the taste.

Who is SMAAKI?

SMAAKI is a young Dutch company who is specialised in selling and distributing ready meals. The people behind SMAAKI are all experienced into the global food business.

Through our exclusive cooperation with Platos Tradicionales from Spain, we are able to supply the most tasteful and healthy room temperature ready meals, roasted products and rices.

With over 27 Mlj units sold over the last year Platos Tradicionales is an expert in his field and we are happy to supply companies all over the world with these products.

SMAAKI products
The most tasteful and healthy ready meals

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Ready Meals

A ready meal is a richly filled, fair product with no preservatives, colorants, glutamates or flavour enhancers, and yet the taste is very good!

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